How to Hire the Best Toronto SEO Expert

Hiring the right Toronto SEO expert is not as simple as heading over to Google then searching for “Toronto SEO Experts”. If you do this, you will be bombarded with a myriad of search results, out of which there are no guarantees that any of them will suffice your online marketing needs. Being that search engine optimization is such a broad field, it pays to exercise a lot of vigilance when choosing the expert for your SEO services. Outlined below are some useful tips which will help you hire the best Toronto SEO expert-:

Define your needs

The first step towards hiring the right Toronto SEO expert is to understand what kind of SEO services you need for your business. Are you looking for online link building, link removal, SEO Audit, PPC management, content marketing, search marketing, etc? This is because there is a myriad of SEO services, and it is very unlikely that you will need all of them at the same time. Again, Toronto SEO experts are specialized in various service areas hence defining your needs will point you towards the correct direction of finding the right experts.

Secretly get multiple consultations

After you have defined what you want, get multiple consultations from different Toronto SEO experts, but you keep them secretly. Contact a couple of firms which rank highly on Google then inform them about the kind of SEO services you need. Most of the Toronto SEO firms will be glad to offer you with a free consultation hoping to impress you so that you give them the job. Listen to what each one has to tell you regarding your needs for Toronto SEO experts and possibly ask them for a quote on the total costs as well as the timelines needed to get the results you want.

References and case studies

It is easy for an SEO firm to impress you verbally or through email and it is also easy for them to send you an appealing quotation for doing your SEO work. However, if they can’t authenticate or support their words with good past results, then everything they claimed amounts to nothing. The next step therefore in hiring the best Toronto SEO expert is to ask for case studies as well as references to their past works. You should particularly be interested in case studies and references that directly relate to the kind of SEO services you are looking for. If they can’t show this, then they may not be worth their salt. Move on with your search.

The Actual Strategy

At this point, you should have identified a few SEO companies in Toronto which you think fits the bill as far as your SEO needs are concerned. The next thing would be to discuss with them the particular strategies they intend to employ should you consider them for the job. A good Toronto SEO expert will give you a detailed outline of the SEO strategy they will use in your case. Your main concern should be that they are using all white hat methods since anything less than that might predispose your business to penalties that might end up ruining your SEO efforts.

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