Doing business the old-fashioned way.Or why business cards still matter

LinkedIn is a goldmine for every businessman, but frankly, the end of traditional business cards is still far, far away. In the digital era, although many have tried to eliminate those little pieces of shiny cardboard, we are still far from getting rid of them completely. The business card has died, long life business cards!Besides the fact that you can order astounding products from express name card printing Singapore companies, they offer a couple of other benefits most of us still need in our lives.

1. Maintain swapping contacts personal

Although it is a fast option, swapping contact in a digital from remains highly impersonal. E-mail is a convenient form of making your contact data known, but in business highly relevant is the manner in which you do this, eye contact and even a light conversation. Engaging in real-life conversation is a healthier manner of making acquiesces and developing good relationships and this applies to strong business relationships equally. If you choose the easy way, you will remain with no memory of the encounter, nothing noticeable about the other person, which in further interactions might help a lot. For instance, the other party’s passions and hobbies matter in the business climate, since they demonstrate that you actually paid attention while interacting with them.

2. Marketing done right

The old fashion piece of cardboard people in business contexts swap is a great marketing tool. Properly designed and manufactured it says more than many of us think about the business, the concept behind it and the CEO’s approach. While basic business cards will do the job, and make your contact info known, they won’t leave a strong impression. By investing in creative (and high quality) products you make sure you have a product to remember. Research how other businesses manage to have great, creative business cards and ask a professional team to do the same for you. This way, your business card won’t get lost in the mountain one receives. It might be tempting to want to save some money, but in terms of business cards, a little extra budget is worth a lot. Moreover, creative business cardsget shared. If they are creative enough, they are very likely to intrigue other people and make them share. Free marketing!

3. A classy way to show you are always prepared

Sure, you just unexpectedly met a potential business partner! Well why wouldn’t you signal that you take your business very seriously and that you are always prepared for the unexpected. Instead of writing your contact info on a tissue from the restaurant, it would be best if you would have something professional instead. This will leave your potential partners with a strong impression on you and your business.

Make sure you don’t forget about the importance of the classic business card. They do you and your business a greater favour than you might think, but make sure you collaborate with a great team of designers and manufacturers.


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